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From the Outside Looking In

Updated: Apr 3, 2019

The importance of negative and positive thinking. How we need both in order to heal from our traumas.

I want to be honest with everyone. The problem I had (like other people) is I would hear the words "Gratitude", "Mindfulness","Meditation", "Yoga" and I would immediately shut it out. I could hear them and understand their definition but they didn't mean anything to me.

When I was angry and sad these words sounded crazy/not realistic.

"You don't understand my situation!"

Is what would run through my mind. Throughout my life I have kept coming into contact with these words. Again-I would say, no one understands! It's not that easy. The fact that these mentors or self help gurus kept saying these words would make me irritable (Although, I already was by almost everything anyways). I would listen to them but only with a closed mind filled with negative thoughts and emotions.

I still hoped to be where they were. Feeling happy, feeling like I was moving forward in my life and enjoying all the little things. Funny enough, in times of distress I would look to Buddhism teachings. Again, reinforcing the same principles. I was attracted to the messages and advice it gave. But it wasn't until I was ready to heal that I not only listened but understood them and felt connected to it.

Everyone is entitled to feel their negative emotions. In fact, It needs to come out. This is healthy, although not pretty. Just as I mentioned, I felt equally negative yet yearning for a change. I decided to start feeling better. That was the beginning. When you make that decision everyday over and over again, that is when you start to see change.

Pain can bring us a valuable lesson in life; We can overcome anything with a positive/calm mindset.


Don't hide your truth or pain. Once we start to accept this, we can start to see that these things bring us to our higher selves. Our higher selves want us to be happy and it helps us become the best we can be. When we experience pain and overcome it, we can be a force to be reckoned with. Which helps boost self esteem and confidence. We take our power back by rising above our hurdles and challenges. When we see solutions instead of problems, that's when we are most effective.

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