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What is the difference between life coaching and counseling?


What is the difference between life coaching and counseling? 

-Life coaching is a highly growing profession but it's important to know who to trust. There's a lot of coaches out there, all within their own niche. It's important that the coach has experience and education in what they are providing to you.  (You can read about my experience in the about me section).

-Life coaching typically is not covered by health insurance. It is an out of pocket expense. It makes it easier to obtain the services you are looking for without a referral or deductible. 

-A life coach will help guide you through the process of discovering what is blocking you from progressing forward in your life. You and the life coach do the work together. Advice giving and consulting is generally separate from this but luckily I am a consultant as well!

Who would work well with me? What are the expectations?

-Individuals looking to make a huge transition in their life. Whether it be life happened to you or your looking to make that change yourself. Those who believe they can do better and will stick to their plans/goals. Being motivated even if you lack the confidence to go forward. We will work on how to bring that out in you. Everyone has strengths and it's important to know how to utilize and show yours.

Those who are committed to maintaining 3 monthly scheduled sessions, and discussing oneself openly are the ideal clients and general expectation of who I enjoy working with. I believe that the most successful clients are able to build a rapport and positive connection to their life coach. This helps facilitate the learning. 

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