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Credentials: Bachelor's Degree in Psychology + Over 10 years case management experience in mental health. Certified Supportive Employment Specialist, Life Coach Certification, NLP Practitioner

Specialties: NLP Model/Methods, Career Change, Meditation, Transitions, Dream work, Tarot reading/Spirituality

I have worked in case management for many years. 10 in fact. I've worked with various populations that include: physical and mental disabilities, addictions and homelessness. The other part of my case management experience (3 years) lies within job coaching through the department of labor of New Jersey. I've helped individuals get employment, change careers, and keep the motivation and focus going. I've also helped students transition from high school to adulthood with DDD services and finding the right resources in the community to help them gain their independence. Being able to negotiate with other services offered and finding accommodations as needed. Transitions are my specialty.


I have grown small agencies I have worked for by developing great rapport with other companies and getting more referrals and building up the companies' name. I have experience working with hospitals, rehab centers, high schools, day programs, among others. Networking has been an essential part of my life and career! (Which does require practice to get good at.) Not to mention the level of communication it requires to build those networks!

Aside from my professional experiences, I have undergone many transitional periods in life. It just seemed like no matter how hard I tried to be rooted in everything I did; I found my life would change again. I suffered from PTSD and anxiety. I experienced trauma, lost family, and found myself in a bad cycle of behaviors and poor management of stress. My focus first was misdirected and I spent time in isolation, being antisocial, mistrusting, angry, and having difficulty developing close relationships. It affected my career and my relationships. Of course, I had to go through the pain/hurt. Once I was ready; I became very focused on how to heal myself.

Anxiety, PTSD, CPTSD, and TBI can skew our view on how the world is reacting/responding to us. We may have a hard time shutting off our urgent or threatening radar that alerts us of danger. We can respond in disproportionate ways that make us have a disconnect in what we want to have. A conversation can turn negatively just because of how it's being viewed.

But the hard part is, how do you develop great interpersonal skills after experiencing extreme situations of having a lot of distrust towards others? How can you become truly successful in fields where you need to be able to navigate having good conversational and people skills? How do you manage a revolving door of losing employees only to hire new ones that don't work out? 

That's where Neurolinguistics Language Programming comes into play. We can learn to develop healthy and appropriate approaches to everyday situations. Communication and a positive mindset is vital to building our future and happiness in expressing what we need, want, or have to offer.  It can be tricky to learn how to:


  • Build self advocacy and self awareness.

  • Be more vulnerable or honest about how we really feel or what we need.

  • Experience a world around us that feels healthy and productive where we can achieve our goals. 

If I have learned anything from my experiences it's that, your life is whatever you chose to make it even after all challenges or setbacks. Your mindset will direct your life in the vision you believe to be true. Take a look at your beliefs and how you speak to yourself and you'll find that if you change any of those, your life will also change too.

Water is a healing element.  Water is changeable/flexible and ever flowing. Our bodies are made up of 70% water. The impression and words we leave on ourselves, has shown in research (done on water/ice by Masaru Emoto) that we are affected by positive and negative phrases. As one might expect, the negative words left distorted and mis formed snowflakes when frozen. Imagine how you think and talk to yourself on a daily basis. Imagine the impression you are leaving on yourself and others.

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