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what to expect

Transitioning through life can be tough. We often miss the concept that this change can not only bring about our fears, doubts, and worries but it also can help us really dig deep and transform ourselves. These moments in our lives direct us and become pivotal. These are our opportune times to think about what we really want. I like to use sound healing, spirituality, meditation/visualizations, and NLP techniques. 

Question to think on:

Are you afraid of committing to what you really want? 

Are you worried that you're not good enough or can't talk to people?

Do you believe you deserve a raise but don't know how to ask?

Are you shutting people out because you're hurting?

Do you think that life will never be the same again?

Do you feel like who you used to be, mentally, is no longer there? 

Are you alone and have no support/encouragement?

Are you not even sure where to start or what is blocking you?

If you answered yes to any of these, than what you can expect is to conquer your biggest critic and gain a life where you feel a sense of acceptance in your own decision making. You will gain my support, attentive ears and commitment in you!

The first step for those seriously invested....

  • The initial telephone session identifies the goals and outcomes you want for your life.  I will ask you to fill out a client intake form (or a description over email if easier) prior to meeting to gather some basic information, along with asking you to list some of the areas of your life you would like to work on. Based on your needs, a plan is developed for the length and frequency of future sessions and the length of your program.  Since change takes time, a minimum length of three months is recommended to maximize the benefit that you receive from coaching. 

  • Subsequent telephone sessions focus on your agenda, goals and progress.  

  • Overall progress is reviewed together regularly to make sure you are achieving what you want.

To see if coaching is right for you and if there is a good fit between us, contact me to receive more information and a 10 minute complimentary session by telephone.

(I work with my clients through skype/zoom or by phone only.)

Side note: I want to work with you if you are committed to your coaching sessions. I think it's important to work with a coach that matches you and your needs and I want to make sure I can provide the services you would require. Let's meet and take it from there :)

We will review the plan that's right for you

  • New Client Special

    Perfect for trying out
    Valid for one week
    • Phone call introduction
    • 15 minute sounding healing/meditation
    • 15 minute life coaching session
    • *Valid for only one time use. For new clients only.*
    • 6 card tarot spread option
  • One time session

    45 minute session
    Valid for one week
    • 15 minute sound healing/meditation
    • 30 minute life coaching techniques
    • Goal setting plans
    • Phone call or video session
  • Weekly session

    Every week
    One individual price per week! Goal Getters option
    • 3 sessions over video or phone during a week
    • Each session will be 45 minutes
    • 15 minutes of sound healing/meditation
    • 30 minutes life coaching techniques
    • Weekly emails to make sure you stay on track
    • 6 card tarot spread- optional at request
  • The dedicated

    Those looking for long term results
    Valid for 3 months
    • 12 phone or video sessions per month (Total of 3 months)
    • Creating a plan of action
    • You will be provided with notes from each of your sessions
    • Worksheets and exercises
    • On going email support inbetween sessions
    • 15 minute sound healing/meditation per session
    • 45 minute life coaching techniques per session
    • 6 card tarot spread- optional at request

I accept Venmo, Paypal, and Zelle 

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